10 Journaling Prompts For Finding Your First Clients

When you are starting up your business and you’re looking for your first clients things can feel overwhelming. Not only are you busy designing websites, setting up email responders, showing up on Facebook everyday and managing everything else going on in your life you are probably wondering if any of this is going to work anyway and, on the down days, whether this has all been a terrible mistake.

But today I want to help you break through any of that overwhelm and doubt and share one of the most important parts of my morning routine that I am convinced help me go from 0 clients to having a fully booked coaching practice last year.

Want to know what it is? Well the answer is JOURNALLING.

I’m sharing with you the exact questions I sat down and answered every single day as part of my morning routine and if you are looking to take on your first client or even grow your business I strongly recommend you take 20 -30 minutes every morning to do the same.

Take a book and a pen and answer these questions in your journal:

  1. How many clients do you want to have in your business? Be honest with yourself. What feels right for you now? How much time do you have?


2. Who are these clients that you want in your business. Describe them in detail. Who do you really want to work with? What do they come to you for? Are they ready for you to work with them? Are they happy and willing to pay you?


3. By when do you want these clients to be working with you? Set out the timeframe you want to have taken your new clients on here. Be specific.


4. What actions will you take to bring these clients in to your business? What is your plan? What are your first steps?


5. Why do you want these clients? What difference will it make it your life?


6. Why would you not want these clients? Is there a reason you don’t want them? Is there any way you’d not be grateful for having the clients you think you want?


7. If you had these new clients what would you believe? What beliefs would you need to have if you were already had the clients you want? List 10 beliefs you would hold if you already had these clients.


8. What would you be doing right now if you had these clients? What would be the right things for you to be doing as a business owner with these clients? List 10 things you’d be doing on a daily basis.


9. How would you feel if you already had your clients? Step in to your emotions and your environment and describe how it feels.


10. What is the one action you need to take NOW to bring in your first clients? Stop. Put your pen down and listen for guidance.

If you have any questions or want more help with your journaling please leave me a comment below.



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