Are You Scared To Let Go Of Control? Don’t Be. It’s The Secret To Your Success.


Are you running yourself ragged in your business? Are you scared to stop taking action in case someone else gets the prize? Do you panic? Do you obsess over how to get the money to pay for the all singing all dancing new programme that is going to catapult you to success if you can find the time to sit down and work through it?


Feels crap doesn’t it, constantly trying to discipline yourself. Controlling yourself and everything around you is exhausting and counter productive. Working this kind of hard in your business can only lead to one thing: bitter disappointment mixed with a serious side of exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout. I promise. I’ve been there.


You’ll end with a whole host of miserable thoughts running through your mind. You weren’t up for it were you? You didn’t try hard enough. It’s all out there for you, you just have to accept you’re not good enough. Not cut out for all this. That’s right, slope off back to corporate where you belong, you jobsworth!


So not only are you feeling exhausted and disappointed you are also sliding down the slippery slide of self-hatred which leads most of us, if we haven’t already, just to put our hands up in the air and admit defeat.


You stop emailing your list. Before you know it you haven’t made any offers to your clients for a month. You announce a social media purge and take yourself off-line. Your list stops growing. Your income goes in to a nosedive and your business is on its knees.


With all the exhaustion and resentment you’re feeling the only thing you HAVE been able to achieve is prove to yourself that you’re not cut out for this and that you are a total failure!


But listen. There is another way. You CAN stop lurching from one extreme to another, from working yourself ragged then going to ground to recover. You can stop this exhausting cycle and indeed you’ll find it has to stop if you are going to find real, sustainable success in your business.


Real success comes from the heart, not the head. It’s all about how you and feel and not about what you do.


Slow down. Step back and get some perspective. Take time to stand back from what you are doing and make sure what you are doing is in alignment with your values and the purpose of your business. Implementing every latest strategy and taking every new course is NOT going to get you there any faster.


Stop and ask yourself if the action you are going to take is really the right one? Does it fit? Is it right for you, personally as well as from a business perspective. Do you have the time to do it properly? It is it aligned with your brand? Do you want to do it? Will it fit with the life you want to lead? If not. Leave it.


And don’t just rely on yourself to make those decisions. Stepping back gives you the space and time to be quieter and to listen in for guidance. Take a moment to clear your mind and listen. There are forces far more wise than us mere mortals at work in this world. Do not dismiss the insights you’ll receive if you are open and ready to hear.


And enjoy the journey. Happiness, joy, satisfaction and an array of wonderful feelings are available to us whenever we choose them.   Achieving your goals, reaching a certain level of income or buying that new handbag can’t actually make you happy or feel loved. Take the time to smell the roses on the way, love the experience of what you are doing and relax as you take inspired action everyday.


That’s my secret to success.




S. x

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