Be The Boss! Track Your Numbers!

Knowing your numbers puts you in charge. You know where you are going, what’s working, what’s not and where you need to focus your efforts. It also makes setting goals and targets a lot easier.

Being on top of what is happening in your business let’s you make informed decisions and (beware – woo woo warning!) it shows God, The Universe, Source, Gaia whatever it is you believe in, that you are in the game seriously, that you are ready to take responsibility for your success and that you know how to manage the abundance you will receive.

Take a look at some of the most important numbers I track at least once a week and decide which are most relevant to your business.

Facebook Page Likes

Facebook Group Members

LinkedIn Connections

Twitter Followers

Instagram Followers

List Size

Sales Calls Booked

Sales Calls Held

Sales Made

Sales Not Made

List Size

Expenditure in £/$

Sales in £/$

Bank Balance £/$

Make your own list of numbers that you will track in your business and set aside a time every week to note them down in a spreadsheet or diary.

If you need any help with your tracking then please let me know.


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