Why you REALLY need a morning routine!

This week we’ve been talking about mind-set and how important it is to your business success and today I to go a bit deeper in to the core of my positive thinking practice and share with you what has been the lynchpin of my success.

Again, it’s deceptively simple, it’s my morning routine.

Your Morning Routine:  Helping You Make Your Business A Success


A journal is a completely private, safe, free-for-all space where anything can happen. Any given day, I might find myself venting my spleen at something that happened the day before, scribbling about someone who did something horrible, or jotting down an exciting idea I’ve got to get down on paper. It can be my plan for the day—especially when a tricky day looms before me—or an attempt to work out a weird dream I had. Nothing is off-limits.

I use an A4 notebook and fill one page a day, no more and no less. I find keeping to this is a good discipline that keeps me from becoming too self-absorbed: I need to fit my musings on one page and also I have to complete one page.

If you feel blocked about writing, this might be something for you to confront rather than avoid. If you feel stuck, do what I do and just write random words or write about how much you don’t want to write! The point is to get your hand moving, and get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto the page. It will make you feel better, and over time you might find that writing becomes something you look forward to instead of dread.

Journalling clears your mind of all the noise that is going on in your head. It frees you up from all the chatter during the day and lets you think more clearly and more positively once you have things in perspective.

Give it a go, remember, just a side of A4, you CAN do that!


Once I’ve finished my journalling I turn to my gratitude diary and I list 10 things I am grateful for.  It is such a fabulous exercise and I know you’ll love it.

Of course there are the big things in my life I am deeply grateful for and I do list these but more often that not it is the simple things that come to mind.  The traffic warden that didn’t give me a ticket after all, the way the wind blew the long grass so it took my breath away,  having a warm dog that loves you like his life depends upon sitting on your feet as you write your blog.

What made you happy yesterday? What are you grateful for this morning. Just list down 10 things and see how you feel. Nice isn’t it.

Meditation and Mindfulness

I started meditating about eight years ago, when I had just had my third child and I was petrified of getting postnatal depression again. I followed the advice of a great girlfriend of mine and made my way off to Notting Hill, where I found a little oasis of calm in Gillian Lavender’s front room.

Gillian taught me transcendental meditation, which I practiced religiously twice a day for two years, and benefited tremendously from. Of course, once things are better and life is good, you stop doing things that made things better and life good! I fell off the meditation wagon for while, but I am now firmly back on, relishing in the clarity and deep state of relaxation it gives me.

You don’t need to head to an ashram or even take a class to learn meditation. On the contrary, meditation is simple and anyone can do it.

Here are a couple of pointers for you.  Both are fantastic.

Gillian Lavender – Meditation For Modern Life

Headspace – A fabulous meditation app. My fav.


Every single morning without fail I read a chapter from a book I find inspirational.  It washes my mind with positive ideas and thinking and sets me up for the day.

I read a wide selection of books but all of them are positive and related in some way to personal development, growing a business and developing a positive self-image and relationship with money.

I read these books over and over again until I can quite literally quote great sections of them and I have even been know to dream about Mike Tooley and passages from Leveraging The Universe!

In the evening, before I fall asleep I’ll very often read a softer book, again, something personal development related but quieter and gentler in tone. Marianne Williamson is perfect for this.


Affirmations are those lovely things you say to make yourself feel wonderful. They are great for setting yourself up for the day. You might feel silly to start with but very quickly you’ll learn to love the buzz and smile you get from telling yourself you are wonderful.

(You are, by the way!)

The purpose of affirmations is to crowd out the negative self-talk and unhelpful stories we all find running through our heads. Affirmations turn these thoughts inside out, building your self-esteem and nourishing your soul so you are prepared to take on the world.

I have an app I listen to before I start journaling every morning. It talks me through how wonderful and lovable I am. Yes, it’s all a bit icky to start with but wow does it make a difference. So nice to be nice to yourself for a change.  You even get a little mirror coming up on your phone that you have to speak in to!

Here’s a link if you want to check in out. 

So there you are.

So there you have it. The five things you would do really well to include in your morning routine. And, if you are wondering where on earth you are going to find the time to do this download this workbook to FIND the time….it’s there, you just have to have a look around!

Look out for my post tomorrow on strengthening your mind-set even further by making sure you start a gentle and nurturing self-care routine.

S. x

P.S. Remember to share to get your workbook on creating your very own morning routine!

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