How To Consistently Give REAL Value EVERY Day And Find Your First Clients


How many times have you heard it’s not about the money?


As frustrating as it might be to hear, really, it isn’t. Potential clients will smell desperation on you and will not want to work with you if all you are thinking about is how you can sign them and get the money in the bank and those bills, school fees, mortgage, credit cards paid.


Remember, clients are not cash cows! First think how you can serve them and make your mantra “What Good Can I Do This Day”


Today I’m sharing the actions I always take when I am looking to take on new clients with the hope that you’ll be inspired to do the same!


Making sure you create and deliver 1 piece of value-laden content to potential clients every single day will position you as generous, as someone to trust and as the person they NEED to work with.


Here are some ideas for you:


Emails To Deliver Value


  1. Send out a solo mailer: An email making a single (solo) offer to your list. It doesn’t always have to asking potential clients to buy from you. For example, it can be an offer to join your Facebook Group, attend a free training or sign-up for a free assessment. I suggest you send these out twice a week.


  1. Send out your newsletter. This is where you can let your peeps know what you are up to, share the best content you have created over the week and generally show up as a helpful, interested (and interesting!) person. I’ve found that it’s best to keep offers for your solo mailers and your newsletter promotion free. Do include your social media links at the bottom though and make sure you send it out regularly, once EVERY week.


Delivering Value with Blogs, Guides and Reports

  1. Publish Your Blog. A great way to raise your profile is to get Blogging. Post a blog and comment on three other blogs that your target audience reads to start getting yourself seen and recognised as someone who knows what she’s talking about. Make sure you share the link on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and you’re on fire!


  1. Share A Free Guide or Report. We’ve established you’ve read many of these so you know there is a market for them! Just make sure they add REAL value. Keep them short, clear and easy to put in to action.


Video and Live Streaming To Help Your Potential Clients


This is where all the action is on the Internet at the moment and where I’ve made most traction in growing my business. Try to get live on line at least once a week.


You don’t need to deliver a feature length movie, I find super short trainings of 2-3 minutes where you share a quick tip work brilliantly.


I recently ran a 5-Day Live Challenge and doubled the size of my Facebook Group, increased my list by 30% and signed a new high-level client. Not bad for 5 20 minute training sessions which I LOVED doing!


So what’s it going to be, at least once a day, choose to deliver one of the following to your community:


  • Live Facebook and/or Instagram short (2 – 5 minute) training to share top tips or inspiration.
  • A live webinar that you promote and deliver valuable content over a longer period, usually 60 minutes or so.
  • A Facebook Live Challenge – Usually a 5 to 7 day series that viewers sign up to attend
  • A solo mailer
  • A newsletter
  • A blog post
  • A free guide or cheat sheet


This will boost your visibility no end and position you perfectly to be taking on new clients. Let me know if you need any help or have other ideas to share.



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