What is Space Clearing and How Can I Hold My Own Ceremony?


So why should we be space clearing?


Well really, the question should be why shouldn’t we!


Clearing out clutter and low levels of energy in our homes and our bodies puts us at a huge advantage in life and can help us achieve everything it is we want to.


Space clearing will get us unstuck, it will help put an end to recurring problems, it will clear out unhelpful energy from people who have lived in our homes before, it will help improve our health, it will give us more energy, it will help with personal development, it will increase abundance and well being, it will give us a sense of belonging and it will create a warm, homely and comfortable atmosphere for us live and thrive in.


So, the first steps to enjoying all these benefits are to declutter and clear your home, then to apply the basic principles of feng shui to ensure the energy in every room is best aligned for each of your life situations.




Once you have worked through these processes, then it’s’ time to super charge your work with a space clearing ceremony.


How To Do Your Own Space Clearing Ceremony


You should make sure you are feeling energised and in a good space to start your energy clearing ceremony. Don’t attempt one when you “just aren’t in the mood” or you’ve “had one of those days.” This is powerful, life changing stuff.


Also it’s best not to do this when you are pregnant as you will be moving a lot of energy around and it’s best to protect your baby from any disturbance and reserve your energy for nurturing it instead!


Getting Ready For Your Space Clearing


  1. Physically clean the space. Hoover the space, get the mop out, dust all the surfaces and clear out all the clutter.
  2. Have as shower or a bath or at the very least wash your hands. It’s really important to feel clean and fresh and energised before you start your space clearing.
  3. Remove your jewellery. In the past jewellery was worn not to decorate ourselves but to enhance our energy. Specific metals and stones were worn for specific purposes. As space clearing is all about clearing out energy, we don’t need our jewellery adding to or influencing the energy. Take off your watch too and metal frame glasses.
  4. Take off your shoes and socks. It helps you connect to your space better and feel the energy.
  5. Make sure you plan to work alone. If needs be, arrange for people to leave and come back when you’ve finished as space clearing involves moving energy and people may feel unfamiliar shifts in their own energy if they are in the house whilst you are doing your work.
  6. Work in silence with no background music or the radio. Music creates a different atmosphere in the house, and it will distract from your intention of clearing energy.
  7. Open doors or windows if you can. You’ll be able to invite stuck energy to move out more easily.
  8. Make sure you have a power point in the room, no, not a socket for the hoover, an energetic power point. This spot is usually diagonally opposite the door and a place that when you stand there you can see the door the window. This is the power point of the room, and the spot where you’ll set up your base camp.


Space Clearing Equipment


  • A new, beautiful cloth or scarf that hasn’t been used before
  • A small table
  • Sea salt in a sealed container
  • Flowers in colours you love. You’ll be using the heads and petals.
  • Tea lights in glass holders
  • Small saucers or bowls to put flower heads in
  • Some fresh leaves
  • Incense and an incense holder
  • Matches
  • Holy Water* in a sealed container
  • A bell
  • A harmony ball


Arrange your equipment on a small table you’ve placed at the power point of your room.


How To Make Holy Water*


  1. Create a special place to make the water, set up a table with a lovely cloth, just not on the draining board!


  1. Take 2 bowls that haven’t been used for anything else before and in put sea salt in one and water in the other.


  1. Light the candles and incense and then ring a bell over each bowl.


  1. Now standing over the bowls, stretch out your arms loosely and with your hands facing palm side down over the bowls channel your energy as a clear, vibrant light in to the salt and the water.   After a while cross your hands over and continue sending the energy.


  1. Do this for a few minutes and then ring the bell again.


  1. Drop a pinch of salt in to the water, quickly followed by a couple more.


  1. Put the bowl of salt to one side and focus your energy on the bowl with water and salt in. Energise this with both hands, as before until you feel it has enough energy.


  1. Your water is most potent if you use it straight away but you can keep it in a clean container with a cap on that has never been used before and keep it in a special place.



The Space Clearing Ceremony Process


Your space clearing ceremony is best done during daylight hours after you have cleared and cleaned the room you wish to work in.


Connect to the space. Stand outside the room and centre yourself. Visualise your own energy being in perfect balance and see how your energy expands out of your body, all around you, extending and expanding in to the entire space of the room.   Imagine your energy flowing out in to every part of the room. Announce who you are and what your intention is for your work.


Start to tune in to the energy in the room. Connect with the room. Tune in to the room’s feelings, the atmosphere in the room, it’s personality.


Walk around the perimeter of the space. Standing sideways on with your arms held loosely out. Bend your hands at an angle of about 90 degrees and hold your palms flat and facing the wall or the door. Basically, you are going to walk around the room and feel the walls, gently connecting to the energy. Stroke the walls and the door. Introduce yourself and connect to the energy. Begin to tune in and listen for messages. Be open minded


Create a flower offering for your room. Place a candle in the middle of a saucer and place the flowers you feel suit the room around the candle. The flowers should each sit on a fresh leaf. Put your incense next to the flower offering and light it.


Now sprinkle the holy water as your walk around the room and as you walk around the room doing, call in your own personal guides and ask them for guidance and support in your work.


As you make your offering and light the candles and incense hold your intention for the space clearing clearly in your mind. Leave these to burn after you have completed the ceremony. But of course take all the precautions you need to.


Now move around the room and clap in each of the corners to release stagnant energy. Start at the main entrance of the room and sensing the energy with your outstretched hand. Every time you come to a corner give several short claps to disperse the energy. Move up and down the corner as you do it. Smooth your hands over the area once you have finished the smoothing out the energy and move on.


Once worked your way around the whole room and you have finished this part of the ritual wash your hands in running water.


Purify the space with bells. Starting at the door, walk around the room with a bell at waist height, ringing it gently as you go. As you do this imagine you giving out a shimmering ring of clean light and sound. Listen to the bell and if you come to a spot where the resonance is muffled, continue ringing until the energy is clear. Once you get back to where you started create a figure of eight in the air with your bell. You can repeat this process with another smaller bell if you wish.


Shield the space. Now the space is clear you are going to effectively seal the space so that the energy you put in in the next stage can’t “leak” out. With your back to the wall, take a breath and raise an arm above your heard. Now release that breath and lower your arm in an arc so it gently touches the wall. Imagine a shaft of bright light coming from your arm as you do so. Now, walk to the corners of the room and repeat this process. Then shield the floor. Imagine a carpet of white light shielding the whole floor. Now, stand in the power point of the room and imagining the while room bathed in white light and specify how long you want the shields to stay in place.


Having shielded your room it’s now time to fill the space with intention, light and love. Cup your harmony ball in your hand and centre yourself. Let your breathing balance and deepen and focus your attention on your heart. Allow the love to flow from your heart centre and expand out from your body in to the room.


Now focus on the harmony ball and imagine everything you want to happen in your life from now on is flowing in to the ball. Now, take the harmony ball and walk around the room, shaking whatever it is you have imagined in to the room. Visualise beautiful cascading light filling the room, imaging your new beautiful life flowing in the room and slowly return to he starting point.


Ground yourself. Return your equipment to the table and drink some fresh water.


You’re done! Enjoy your beautiful new clear and energised environment.



If I can be of any help to you please do get in touch. I’d be thrilled to guide you through your own space clearing ceremony. Please drop me a line in comments.


And, if you wish to find out more about space clearing I would highly recommend Creating Sacred Space by Karen Kingston.


Much Love,




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