How To Use Aromatherapy and Essential Oils For Business Success


Last week I wrote all about about developing a positive mind-set for yourself to ensure your business has the very best chance of success. This week I’m going to be sharing 5 of the best alternative therapies you can use to ensure you can activate that mind-set whenever and wherever you go.


Today I’m going to share some fabulous ideas for using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils in your business so you can feel inspired, energised or relaxed, whenever and wherever you need to.


Why Essential Oils?


Essential oils are extracted from flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves and roots and we already use them extensively in food, cosmetics and even in prescribed orthodox Western medicines. It makes sense then that we’d use them in our own environment to improve our own well being any time we need to doesn’t it?


If you want to take control of your life and your environment whilst you working and enjoy real business success you should make sure you have a basic collection of essential oils in your home:


Basic Essential Oils To Have In Your Home













Once you have these oils (and a few special extra ones) in your home you can create the following blends and create the perfect environment for you when you are at work.


Here are a few ideas for bends that might help you whilst you work and set you up for success:


Essential Oil Blend To Help Concentration


Perfect oils for improving your concentration include Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli and Verbena,


Grapefruit 8 Drops

Basil 5

Bergamot 5

Lavender 2



Essential Oils To Help Your Relax At The End Of The Day


Essential oils that will help you with relaxation include Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, Sandalwood, Basil, Rose, Lemon, and Cardamom.


Blend these essential oils in the following proportions and read through the options you have for using them in the next section.


Clary Sage 15 drops

Lemon 10 drops

Lavender 5 drops


Essential Oils For Inspiration and Creativity


If you are planning new programmes, creating content or thinking of ways to grow your business or attract new clients you need to get your creative juices flowing.


Essential oils that are fabulous for stimulating the right hand side of your brain and all that creativity include:







Palma Rosa


Try creating one of the following blends to stimulate your creativity and then pop 1 -4 drops of your blend in to a room diffuser.


Geranium 4 drops

Grapefruit 6 drops


Neroli 4 drops

Coriander 4 drops


How To Use Your Essential Oil Blends


Once you have created your blends you can use them in many different ways to achieve fabulous results.


Room Methods:


There are a number of ways of using your essential oils blends to create the desired effect in the room you are working in.


If you are using an essential oil vaporiser add 1 – 6 drops of your blend to the water and light the candle underneath to create the effect you desire.


If you are using a diffuser, add 1 – 9 drops to the unit and if you are creating a room spray, add 4 drops to 300ml of water.


Massage and Bath Oils:


Essential oils are too strong to use directly on your skin so you need to dilute them in base oil. Sweet Almond oil is great base oil and as a guide you should add 4 – 10 drops of your essential oil blend to 10ml of base oil.


You can massage this oil in to your skin or add up to 8 drops to your bath.



So, there you are. Some lovely ways to create beautiful environment to work in and to nurture your body and your mind so you can make your business the success you deserve.


Let me know if you are looking for help with a specific issue and I will send you an essential oil blend recipe that will help you. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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