How To Open Up the Doors To Your First Clients Using Discovery Calls


There is no sitting action your desk taking all this action to get your message out there if you’re not also offering your potential clients the opportunity to buy from you.


If you’ve been making yourself visible in your market with a clear message about how you can help your potential clients they will know you understand them by now and they will trust you and will see how much you know about what it is you are doing.


They’re starting to think they MUST have you!


So the next step you need to take is to make it easy for them to get your support. Remember you are making yourself available to help someone who really, really needs you. It’s would be a disservice not to open up the doors and let them have what you’ve got to offer.


But do you actually do that?


The answer?


Discovery Calls.


You might want to call them strategy calls or sales calls but basically you set potential clients up with a chance to speak to you to see if working with each other would be a good fit.


Discovery call are NOT free coaching or consulting sessions, they are there specifically for you to effectively “interview” each other and, if all feels good, make the offer for them to work with you.


Here are the strategies I have found most successful in my business and how I managed to fully book my coaching practice with 12 high-end clients in 3 months with a list of less than 200!


1.Offer a Discovery Call in a Solo Mailer.


Let the people who have subscribed to your email list know you are offering calls by writing them a solo mailer.  Set the context by discussing a key challenge your target market face, tell them briefly about a solution you can offer them and then invite them to book a discovery call with you to see if you are a good fit to work with each other to resolve the issue. Offer them a link in your email to your scheduling system and ask them to book themselves in at a time that is convenient.


2.Offer a Free 60 Minute Coaching or Consulting Call


Offer a free 60 minute coaching or consulting call to showcase your work and invite them to a Discovery Call towards the end. You can offer this call in your solo mailer or on social media or give it away as a prize in a competition.  At the end of the call, if you are feeling this person would be a good fit and you can hear they are interested in working with you, offer them a chance to book a Discovery Call to find out more about what you offer.


3. Offer a Free Assessment


Offer a free assessment of an element of their life or business and offer a Discovery call at the end. This is a great way to showcase your skills. Offer an assessment and work intensely for an hour to really get to the bottom of a certain issue and then, again, if it sounds like this person is a good fit for you and she sounds like she’d like to find out more, offer her a chance to speak about working with you. Don’t take time out of your assessment call as this undermines the value of what you are delivering.


4. Interview Potential Perfect Clients


Another great way to book Discovery calls is to ask to interview potential perfect clients. Now, make sure this is genuine. You really must want to ask them questions about their business/life but if it sounds like they might want to work with you invite them to a Discovery call or offer them a free assessment followed by a Discovery call if you think things could be a good fit.


4. Offer Challenge Participants A Call

And finally, offer the people that have taken part on your Facebook challenges a chance to book in for a Discovery Call. They are already interested in what you have to say so make sure you give them the chance to find out more. Offer this on the last day of the challenge at the end of your content.

So there are some of the ways I have booked Discovery Calls.  If you need any more help with this please leave me comment below.


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