What to do if you feel like throwing in the towel!


So today was one of those days!


You know the ones where you wake up wondering what on earth you are doing? Who the hell do you think you are? When did you ever think it was a good idea to start your own business? What on earth could you possibly have to say that has any meaning? Who in their right mind would ever want to pay to work with you?


It came totally from left field but I was in it deep.


Really deep.


Like, I thought it would be a good idea to Google “Oil Rig Jobs”




I love travel, I value my independence and I enjoy earning a good income but seriously……..oil rig jobs?


There was work to be done. Quickly before I found myself being helicoptered out to my new digs in the North Sea!


So I want to share what I’ve done today to move myself from being in an existential fug and about to throw in the towel (for no reason whatsoever) to being perfectly fine and really excited about my business again this afternoon!


Step One: Realise what’s happening.


It’s your ego, your monkey brain, your resistance that’s broken out and has taken over. Understand that your entire business model and dream for a better, more satisfying life is not a stupid pipe dream. You’re just getting too close to getting what you want and your limiting beliefs don’t like being put in their place.


Step Two: Talk to someone.


Tell someone, anyone what’s happening. Call your biz bestie and tell her what’s going on. No need for a pity party but tell someone that you’re having an attack of the gremlins and ask them to tell you something wonderful about you! Get them to remind you of why you are doing this, or at least get them to tell you something wonderful about what is going on in their business so you remember that good things CAN happen.


Step Three: Go for a walk.


Get an inspiring podcast playing, a mind-set training on or some fabulous uplifting music on and get OUT of the house. Pound the pavements and get some perspective on what is going on. Be grateful for having the freedom to be able to do this.


Step Four: Journal and Do This Exercise


When you get home journal it out and then do this exercise.


First of all realise that “throwing in the towelitis” comes from limiting beliefs that are still lurking deep inside. More likely than not you’ll have attacks from time to time for the rest of your life, there are very few perfectly enlightened beings on this planet and you don’t need the pressure of becoming one on top of trying to start your own business!


Then list out at least 20 beliefs a person would have if they were running an amazing, successful, inspiring business that they loved and that made a real difference in the world and which brought them income and freedom they desired.


For example:


They would believe that people wanted to buy from them

They would believe their work was worthwhile

They would believe they were good enough to receive money for doing work they loved

They would love their clients and their clients would love them.


Go, on. 20 things a person would have to believe to make their business thrive.


Now take those 20+ things and turn it around so it’s all about you. Turn them in to I AM statements.


I am someone that people want to buy from

I am someone who believes my work is worthwhile

I am someone who believes I am good enough to receive money for doing work I love.

I love my clients and my clients love me


Step Five: Laugh!


Have a laugh at yourself. Find something funny or light-hearted. I had a flick through a stupid Christmas toy catalogue and found some brilliantly inappropriate (grow your own hairy beaver – an adult Mr. Potato head alternative?????) gifts that made me snort out loud with laughter. If you haven’t got a dodgy Christmas catalogue to hand do something stupid. Dance, do star jumps, make faces in the mirror. Just break the mood and the heaviness so you can move on.


Step Six: Show Up!


Now, that feels better doesn’t it?


Get on and take the action you feel is right to take now. Put your message out. Your people need you. You’re here for a reason. Go out and DO THE WORK.


Step Seven: Don’t be A Stranger


It can be lonely out here. Don’t be a stranger. If you’re having one of these days then you need friends you can share it with. Come over and join our FB group where you can vent and ask for support whenever you need it.

Lots of love.



PS. Don’t forget to join the FB group. We’re all in the same boat. S. x

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