What You Missed This Week – A Week Of Self-Care

This week I’ve been writing all about self-care and how important it its to build in to the very foundations of your business to improve your chances of success.  Pushing yourself and getting overwhelmed is not the answer. Taking care of yourself and nurturing yourself and your business is!

If you missed out on any of my articles this week I’ve pulled them all together for you so you can have a quick read today.

I started the week with a list of fabulous resources for helping you make a start at getting yourself in to a routine of self care.  Have a read here.

Then I shared my advice on why is it so important to stop pushing to achieve your results and how important it is to actually LET GO and listen for guidance.  Have a read of my article here.

Having a morning routine you stick to every day is a huge part of developing a positive mind-set that will ensure your success. Have a read of this article and click on the link to download your workbook to create your own routine.

And finally, I set out my top 10 tips for creating a positive mindset including all my ideas on journalling, meditation, diet, exercise and lots more. Have a read here.

Or watch my super short (4 minutes) on my top 10 tips of the week for self-care instead.

I’m really looking forward to next week…..have a great Sunday and I’ll see you in the morning.

S. x


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