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Your Simple Daily Social Media Strategy For Finding Your First Clients


One of my biggest challenges when I first started my business was letting people see what I was doing. Coming from a corporate background I wasn’t sure what people would think of me, whether my old colleagues would judge me and whether I’d be drive people away if I talked openly about what I was doing.


Thankfully I quickly realised that anyone who judged or was critical of what I was doing was never going to be a client or was never a real friend in the first place and I was free to come out of hiding and get myself seen by the people who really mattered!


But how do you get yourself in front of the right people? Today I am going to show you everything I did, and continue to do on a daily basis on social media to make sure I am putting myself in front of the right people, every single day.


But remember, I’m sharing with you the actions that have that helped me book out MY coaching practice. My target audience lives on Facebook and uses Instagram and LinkedIn a lot so that’s where I spend most of my time. Make sure you focus your effort where your target audience spends most of their time.


Your Daily Social Media Strategy




Find 3 Facebook groups where your target audience spend time. Join the group, take part in conversation and once you’ve built rapport with others, let people know about what you offer and how you can help. Check the rules of the groups first though and only make offers as and when you are invited and remember the 75%/25% rule, be sociable 75% of the time and make offers 25% of the time.

Daily Action:

  • Post a comment or make an offer in 3 of these groups at least once a day.

Posting in other people’s groups is great but to really raise your profile and attract people you can convert in to your first clients you need to have your own Business Page and Facebook Group. Post in both everyday. Share articles that would be helpful to them, pictures of you doing what you do to strengthen your branding, ask questions, make offers, run training sessions, host challenges…….the possibilities are endless, make sure you are in there every day!

Daily Action:

  • Post in your Facebook Business Page and respond to comments
  • Post in your Facebook Business Group and respond to comments


And remember, it’s called social media for a reason. It’s there to build relationships and trust so also make sure you send time just being you.




Now I’m not the biggest Twitter afficiando but I do recommend you get familiar with it if your target audience is using it. I tweet links to my events, my blogs and when I make them, offers. I tweet pictures, thoughts, inspirational quotes….you name it.


I also re-tweet interesting articles and resources that I know my audience will find really useful. I’ve had loads of traction from Twitter and love the simplicity of it (and reading Donald Trump’s latest diatribe!)


Make sure you tweet 3 times a day if your target audience use it. It’s great for branding and profile raising.


Daily Action:

  • Tweet 3 times per day





I love LinkedIn and it is fabulous for growing my business. So many of my clients are women who have a corporate background or have worked for large organisations and they are used to using it. It took me awhile to get my head around using it from a small business perspective but once I did I found it was a goldmine.


I like to think of it as “Facebook for Grown Ups” and I post articles I have written, other people’s articles I think will be of interest to my tribe and details of events I’m hosting or attending.


Daily Action: 

  • Post your own article or share someone else’s you think would be of interest to your audience
  • Send connection invites to 5 people




I love Instagram and I’m sure you will too. Sit yourself down and plan 3 posts a day for the next 30 days, yes, that’s 90 posts but don’t be scared. Keep them simple, in alignment with your brand and get them all loaded up in to an automation platform and get them all scheduled. Easy!


Great things to post on Instagram to help you find clients include details of your upcoming events, programmes or products you have to offer, behind the scenes shots of your business, tips your audience will find useful, inspirational quotes and personal pictures that support your brand.


Another thing that is working really well at the moment is Instagram Perhaps it’s something you could include in your social media strategy on a daily or weekly basis.


Daily Action:

  • Post on Instagram 3 times a day.


So there you are. A super simple social media strategy that will get you out there, in front of the people that matter so you can share your work and bring in your first clients.

Let me know if I can help you at all with any of these strategies. I am here to help!

S. x


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