Your 6 Step Daily Checklist For Finding Your First Clients 


If you are drowning in a sea of a million and one free downloads all promising you THE breakthrough you really need to make your business a success then you need to read this blog!


If you just can’t see how to put all those pieces together, if you’re stuck and just can’t see what the next steps are that you need to take to FINALLY start seeing the results you’d hoped for in your business then really, this blog will help.


But before we get started I want to make sure you understand that I’m not promising you a magic pill. This blog gives you an ACTION plan for achieving the success you desire and the point of it is to help you direct all your hard work in the best way so you can finally start booking those fabulous clients you are so ready to serve.


Still here? Good, I know deep down you don’t believe in all the snake oil and promises we’re made by so many people these days I also I know that you are ready to take action, if only you knew what to do first.


So let’s get rid of all that frustration and get you taking real, focussed, effective action every day in your business that will see you taking on your first clients before you know it and creating the financial independence you need.


Ready? OK. Let me share my exact Action Plan I used to go from ZERO to fully booked with 12 fabulous high-level coaching clients in just a few months so you can do the same.

Download Your Checklist Here!




Looking after myself, being kind to myself and nurturing my mind and my body are absolutely non-negotiable and allowing myself the time and space to take real care of myself has been a huge part of my success.


I’ve created a Self –Care & Mind-Set checklist for you that shows you everything I do on a daily basis to make sure I am in the best possible place to serve my clients and build my business.


Now, I not suggesting you do everything I do, in exactly the same order but I would recommend you include at least some version of the actions I have starred in your daily self-care routine to make sure you are ready to take on the world every morning!


Click on the link here for your checklist and tick those that you’ll build in to your day.

Download Your Checklist Here!


STEP TWO. Stop Hiding! Get Out There. Get Yourself Seen.


One of my biggest challenges when I first started my business was letting people see what I was doing. Coming from a corporate background I wasn’t sure what people would think of me, whether my old colleagues would judge me and whether I’d be drive people away if I talked openly about what I was doing.


Thankfully I quickly realised that anyone who judged or was critical of what I was doing was never going to be a client or was never a real friend in the first place and I was free to come out of hiding and get myself seen by the people who really mattered!


But how do you get yourself in front of the right people? I’ve created “Get Yourself Out There Checklist” that shows you everything I did, and continue to do on a daily basis to make sure I am putting myself in front of the right people, every single day.

Download Your Checklist Here!


Remember, I’m sharing with you the actions that have that helped me book out MY coaching practice. My target audience lives on Facebook and uses Instagram and LinkedIn a lot so that’s where I spend most of my time. Make sure you focus your effort where your target audience spends most of their time.


So what are the platforms that work best for you? Click the link below for your checklist and tick the boxes to decide which actions you’ll take everyday so you can get in front of your tribe and be seen to be the person they absolutely HAVE to work with.

Download Your Checklist Here!


 STEP THREE: Add Value To Your Target Audience EVERY Day!


How many times have you heard it’s not about the money?


As frustrating as it might be to hear, really, it isn’t. Potential clients will smell desperation on you and will not want to work with you if all you are thinking about is how you can sign them and get the money in the bank and those bills, school fees, mortgage, credit cards paid.


Remember, clients are not cash-cows! First think how you can serve them and make your mantra “What Good Can I Do This Day”


I’ve created a Value Adding Checklist that you can download here so you can make sure you deliver something of value to potential clients every single day. This will position you as generous, as someone to trust and as the person they NEED to work with.


I suggest you create and share 1 piece of value-laden content with your audience every day. Choose an idea from the list below that sounds fun to you and that will benefit your potential clients and share it with your tribe.




Solomailer: An email making a single (solo) offer to your list. It doesn’t always have to asking potential clients to buy from you. For example, it can be an offer to join your Facebook Group, attend a free training or sign-up for a free assessment. I suggest you send these out twice a week.


Your newsletter. This is where you can let your peeps know what you are up to, share the best content you have created over the week and generally show up as a helpful, interested (and interesting!) person. I’ve found that it’s best to keep offers for your solo mailers and your newsletter promotion free. Do include your social media links at the bottom though and make sure you send it out regularly, once EVERY week.


Blogs, Guides and Reports


Publish Your Blog. A great way to raise your profile is to get Blogging. Post a blog and comment on three other blogs that your target audience reads to start getting yourself seen and recognised as someone who knows what she’s talking about. Make sure you share the link on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and you’re on fire!


Share a Free Guide or Report. We’ve established you’ve read many of these so you know there is a market for them! Just make sure they add REAL value. Keep them short, clear and easy to put in to action.


Video and Livestreaming


This is where all the action is on the internet at the moment and where I’ve made most traction in growing my business. Try to get live on line at least once a week.


You don’t need to deliver a feature length movie, I find super short trainings of 2-3 minutes where you share a quick tip work brilliantly.


I recently ran a 5-Day Live Challenge and doubled the size of my Facebook Group, increased my list by 30% and signed a new high-level client. Not bad for 5 20 minute training sessions which I LOVED doing!


Click on the link below for your daily checklist for adding value to your clients

Download Your Checklist Here!


Step Four: Open Up the Doors & Let People Buy!


There is not point taking all this fabulous action you’ve now got going if you’re not also offering your potential clients the opportunity to buy from you.


By now they will know you understand them, they trust you and they can see how much you know about what it is you are doing. They MUST have you!


So you need to make it easy for them to get your support. Remember you are making yourself available to help someone who really, really needs you. It’s would be a disservice not to open up the doors and let them have what you’ve got to offer.


But how to do that? The answer? Discovery Calls. You might want to call them strategy calls or sales calls but basically you set potential clients up with a chance to speak to you to see if working with each other would be a good fit. They are NOT free coaching or consulting sessions, they are there specifically for you to effectively “interview” each other and, if all feels good, make the offer for them to work with you.


Click the link below to download your checklist with all the strategies I used to book my discovery calls.

Download Your Checklist Here!



STEP FIVE. Be The Boss! Track Your Progress!


Knowing your numbers puts you in charge. You know where you are going, what’s working, what’s not and where you need to focus your efforts. It also makes setting goals and targets a lot easier.


Being on top of what is happening in your business let’s you make informed decisions and (beware – woo woo warning!) it shows God, The Universe, Source, Gaia whatever it is you believe in, that you are in the game seriously, that you are ready to take responsibility for your success and that you know how to manage the abundance you will receive.


Click the link below to download your checklist with all the numbers I track on a weekly basis so I stay in control of my business.

Download Your Checklist Here!


STEP SIX. Keep In Control and Out Of Overwhelm!


Just as knowing your numbers puts you in charge, so does keeping on top of your business and personal admin. Taking time each day to work through your emails and clear your inbox of personal and business tasks is a great way to keep yourself out of overwhelm.


Of course, there will soon be a time when you can delegate all this to a VA but for now, make sure you find some time at the beginning or the end of the day to get on top of things.


But remember, make sure you are structuring your day so that you can focus on growing your business. Of course we are running our businesses flexibly but make sure the personal does not take over and you end up having to stuff your business tasks in to the cracks of the day left over once you’ve done everything you need to do for everyone else!


What tasks do you need to find a way to keep on top of every day? Click the link to download your checklist of things to stay on top of everyday.

Download Your Checklist Here!

I hope you find your checklist helpful. If you have any questions about finding your first clients please leave a comment in the box below. S. x

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