So we’re talking all things de-cluttering at the moment so we can clear out any unhelpful “stuff, physical crap, emotional baggage or old stagnant energy so we can go in to 2018 ready to take on the world, right from the get go.


And this week I want to share some ideas with you for letting go of some of your emotional baggage that you’re carrying around and which is holding you back from achieving the things you really want to.


Today I want to share an exercise that I’ve used time and time again to turn things around when there is a belief I have that I know is working against me.


Seeing as we’re talking about starting and growing our businesses here it would make sense to look at beliefs and emotions you have that you are holding on to that you just know aren’t helping you work and money wise.


What do you believe about setting up your business that’s holding you back? Do you have money blocks that are stopping you from attracting the clients you really want to work with?


Perhaps you think making money is hard? If you have lots of money will you have to compromise the time you have to spend with your family? Will you burn out again? Maybe you think it’s safer not to have money or perhaps you think people won’t like you if your business is successful and you make lots of money.


Take a moment now to write out all your beliefs about money and running your own business that you know aren’t helping you.   Get all the junk out and on to the page.


The monsters under the bed are never as scary once you shine a light on them!


Then, take your list and read through it and for each belief you have written down ask yourself if it’s really true.   Is it actually true that you can’t make money being you? For example, is there anyone else making money out there being authentic and true to herself?


If yes, then your belief isn’t true and it is time to get rid of it!


Try and take out any emotion of your answers. Sometimes it helps to answer this question as if you were reading through someone else’s’ beliefs.


Then, decide what you are going to do about it. If it’s not true after all that you can’t make money being you, what are you going to do? How can you turn it around?


Take all your beliefs that now you know just aren’t true and create positive affirmations out of them.


For example:


  • I make lots of money being authentic and by sticking to my true message.
  • Making money is easy
  • I balance the time I spend with my family perfectly with the time I spend working on my business.


THEN, last step, to make sure you understand why you were harbouring these beliefs and why they’ve been so stubborn in terms of you being able to get them to leave even though on the surface they might seem like they not helping you got back over your first list, the list of beliefs you have around work and money and ask yourself Why Would I Want To Keep Hold Of These Beliefs Anyway?


This is a very sneaky and super powerful question.


Perhaps you believe that it’s just too hard to make money and you don’t know where to start.


Why would you want to believe this?


Does believing it’s just too hard make it easier for you to explain to people why you’re not earning money yet? Does it give you time to work things out? Does it being too hard give you an excuse to give up? Does it let you blame someone or something else when you don’t get the results you want?


And carry on.


Why would you want to believe it lets you blame someone else? What benefit does this give you? Perhaps it’s helping you avoid a fear of yours that people will see that you’re actually not good enough to make it work.


And so on and so on and so on until you get down to a few core beliefs that you really can clear out, by turning them around and creating positive affirmations you write and repeat time and time again until you wondered when you could ever have through anything different.


So there you go, my step-by-step guide to clearing out unhelpful emotions and beliefs.

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See you soon and drop me a comment with any questions.

Much love and see you soon,

Sarah x

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